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Education and Training

The impact of the Kerr Center’s other programs would be faint if we didn’t get the word out. Be it through publications, videos and slide shows, workshops and events, internships, or online learning, education is our mission!

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Education News/Tips and Recent Publications

  • Field Notes – April 2019

    This month we share some encouraging news from the national census of agriculture about how conservation practices are taking root in Oklahoma. Next, we sound a reminder that the deadline to sign up to have…

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  • Field Notes – March 2019

    This month the air is rich with the scent of soil broken open for planting in fields and gardens across the landscape. It’s a prime time to talk about soil health: how to achieve and…

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  • Field Notes – February 2019

    Whether or not the groundhog saw its shadow where you are, things will soon be greening up on ranches, farms, and gardens around the state. Recent research has shown how adding cover crops and cattle…

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  • Field Notes – January 2019

    Happy 2019! To ring in the new year, we’ve got a new report (on small-scale gardening tools) and a new article (on managing excess forage), as well as pointers to new resources (on soil health)….

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Our Library


Learn online!

Videos, slide shows, reports, fact sheets.

Practical how-to information on organic horticulture, sustainable livestock production, common-sense conservation, sustainable food and agriculture.

Workshops and Field Days


Gets some on-the-farm training!

Our popular educational events for farmers and ranchers transmit practical how-to information. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Our Intern Program


Learn by working with our expert staff on the Kerr Farm and Ranch!

Our interns have gone on to advanced degrees and careers in sustainable agriculture.

A Track Record of Effective Outreach

2000: The organization and sponsorship of the first sustainable agriculture conference in the state, Future Farms 2000, and subsequent Future Farms conferences through 2008.

2001: Publication of the book The Next Green Revolution: Essential Steps to a Healthy Sustainable Agriculture, ranked at the top of a popular list of “Great Books for Sustainable Agriculture.”

2001: Bringing in the Sheaves, the first seminar on Oklahoma’s food system,  to discuss health, food, agriculture and community.

2003: The center compiled and published The Oklahoma Food Connection, the first statewide directory of farmers selling directly to the public.

2006: Publication of Closer to Home: Healthier Food, Farms and Families in Oklahoma, the first book about Oklahoma’s food system from farm to table.

2007- 2012: The first forage-based buck tests for meat goats in this region was done on the Kerr Ranch. The test yielded valuable information about how to raise goats sustainably in the region, published in a series of reports.

2012: The Kerr Center launched its three year Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program, funded by a grant from the USDA NIFA program. This kind of free training in sustainable horticulture and livestock production was a first in the state.

2011-2015: The first non-profit in the state to hold educational events and do work to highlight the decline in pollinators and ways to improve pollinator habitat.

The Kerr Center continues to innovate and lead the way as people everywhere recognize the need for sustainability on the farm and in all areas of life.

The center’s efforts have reached into every corner of the state and
spurred positive change not only in Oklahoma but far beyond.


David Redhagedavid_redhage-square
President/CEO; SARE PDP Program Manager