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  • Ag Census: Cover Crops on the Rise in Oklahoma

    The 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture – recently released by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) – showed that on a national scale, Oklahoma is 7th in the nation for the largest decrease in cropland acreage using conventional tillage practices.

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  • President’s Note: Food – the Best Medicine?

    Every morning I look over some headlines in national news publications online, and occasionally one strikes me as important. The following article was one of those, but in the field of sustainable agriculture, it seems…

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  • President’s Note: Western Monarchs – How Bad Can It Get?

    The monarch butterfly is facing challenges in maintaining its population in North America.  Part of the issue is overwintering sites. There are two main migratory routes for North American monarchs. Monarch butterflies from the Rocky…

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  • Managing Excess Forage

    The late David Sparks was known to say, “The advice is to stock for a drought. Most people stock for a monsoon.” Even stocking for a drought, though, can create problems. What do you do with the extra forage?

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  • President’s Note: Book Review: The Wizard and the Prophet

    I recently read the book The Wizard and the Prophet, which contrasts Norman Borlaug (the Wizard) and William Vogt (the Prophet) – or, more simplistically, conventional ag. vs. organic ag. It is not a light…

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  • Apply by Dec. 21 for NRCS Monarch Habitat Funding

    December 21 is the deadline for farmers and ranchers to apply for funding from the current round of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). EQIP provides financial and technical assistance…

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  • President’s Note: Okies for Monarchs

    The Kerr Center works with other organizations to promote education on topics related to sustainable agriculture. I am currently working with a new organization in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Monarch and Pollinator Collaborative. Their main initiative…

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  • President’s Note: Concerns about a New Technology and Sustainable Agriculture

    Most sustainable agriculture practitioners do not like GMO crops. The reasons given are numerous. Mixing plant and animal genetics, ownership and patenting of plants, and who controls the genetics, are just a few.

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  • President’s Note: Cool-Season Vegetable Crops

    Summers in the southeastern United States and in Oklahoma can be challenging for some garden crops. There is the potential in Oklahoma for cool-season vegetable crops, provided you manage the rotations with summer cover crops…

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  • President’s Note: Our Farms, Our Future

    My note this month will be brief. All of the materials from the April 2018 SARE Our Farms, Our Future Conference are now available online. Quoting from SARE’s press release: “The three-day event featured over…

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