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  • President’s Note: Agroforestry

    Agroforestry has been an interest of mine for many years. Just what is agroforestry? It is the combining of trees and crops or livestock on the same area. The trees can be for timber production,…

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  • President’s Note: Crop Nutritional Profiles

    When it comes to the president’s note, I don’t follow a topic area other than agriculture. I tend to decide on a subject based on what has caught my eye recently, though it may repeat…

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  • President’s Note: Book Review: Growing a Revolution

    This is a followup to a president’s note from May 2016. In the president’s note, I wrote about a book from author David Montgomery, entitled Dirt. The author has just released another book, entitled Growing…

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  • President’s Note: The Great Nutrient Collapse

    In 2016 I wrote about a book entitled Eating on the Wild Side, by Jo Robinson, which discussed the issue of nutrient density in food and how plant breeding has resulted in a loss of…

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  • President’s Note: Kerr Center Prairie

    This spring we burned the Kerr Center Prairie. I mentioned we would post photos of the prairie over the summer. Well, here is a timeline of photos from the prairie. I am happy to report…

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  • President’s Note: Book Review – Fireflies, Glow-worms and Lighting Bugs

    Fireflies or lightning bugs – take your pick of the name – have interested me since childhood. I know many of you probably have memories of chasing fireflies in the early evening. It reminds me of time spent at my grandparents’ house literally over the hill from my childhood home.

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  • Gravity Flow Watering from Ponds

    One key point of the Kerr Center livestock program’s approach to water management is, as much as possible, to take the water to the cattle in the pasture. This allows cattle to make more efficient…

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  • Berries Thrive in High Tunnels, But Be Aware of Pests

    via Southern SARE: A University of Arkansas study has found that using high tunnels in berry production can increase yields, extend the harvest season, and improve fruit quality compared to field production. However, care must…

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  • President’s Note: The Challenge of New Crops

    I have been involved in agriculture my whole life, and it seems there is a wave of new crop possibilities every several years. New crops are exciting. Everyone wants to be the first to successfully…

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  • Selling Cattle on TV

    The Kerr Center has long emphasized the need for sound economics as an essential element of sustainable agriculture: no matter how environmentally friendly the farming system, it won’t last long if it loses money. Much…

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