Kerr Center

Comprehensive Elderberry Workshop

Comprehensive Elderberry Workshop
06/13/2019 – 06/15/2019 all-day
Jefferson City, MO (The Carver Center)
3804 Bald Hill Rd.
Jefferson City
MO 65101
Before May 13: $75 new grower only / $125 workshop & field tours / $185 full conference; after May 13, $85 / $150 / $220

Register by May 13 for early bird rates

American elderberry is becoming recognized as a viable crop that is adaptable to many regions throughout the United States and Canada. With two-crop eligibility, both flowers and berries, and a short amount of time from first planting to harvest, elderberry is a great perennial to consider adding to the mix of annuals or perennials you raise. Growing elderberries is easy, and markets for this ‘new crop’ are opening up around the U.S.

Since 2009, The Comprehensive Elderberry Workshop & Field Tour has been held in central Missouri, home of Terry Durham. Missouri is also home to researchers engaged in cultural and selection trials. Each year, Durham gathers the best new knowledge and delivers it during this day-and-a-half workshop. You’ll learn from expert researchers and successful growers. About 150 growers attend, so there will be lots of tip sharing, too. At the end of each workshop, Durham teaches the highly-detailed handling techniques mandated at harvest so growers can sell their berries.

New growers will also want to attend the separate afternoon workshop designed especially for them, on June 13. Learn all about elderberry, its introduction into the modern market, early research, and how to propagate.

For more information or to register, visit the conference website.