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Field Notes is the Kerr Center’s newsletter. 2014 marked its 40th year of publication.

In 2015, Field Notes went electronic!

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  • Field Notes – October 2018

    It’s October, when spooky decorations are everywhere you look. In keeping with the season, in this issue we’re talking about some of the scariest things in agriculture. David Redhage starts us off with a tough…

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  • Field Notes – September 2018

    In September we pass through the fall equinox, and the balance point where there are as many hours of daylight as of darkness. So, in this issue, we focus on the idea of balanced halves…

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  • Field Notes – August 2018

    The start of school is just around the corner – and it’s still hot as blazes. This month, we share some learning opportunities – as well as tips on beating the heat. David Redhage has…

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  • Field Notes – July 2018

    We’re creeping into that time of year when water starts to become even more of a concern than usual. David Redhage gets this month’s newsletter rolling with a timely review of a book on the…

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  • Field Notes – June 2018

    It’s nearly (officially) summer, and the air is full of the buzzing of creatures of the insect kind. It seems that there are plenty – more than enough for comfort, even – but are there…

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  • Field Notes – May 2018

    As summer looms, David Redhage takes a look back over the Kerr Center’s three decades of involvement with SARE. We’ve got another top-notch grazing workshop on the calendar for June 9, and we’re hoping you’ll…

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  • Field Notes – April 2018

    This month we offer two new publications: – Farming with Walk-Behind Tractors captures ten years of lessons learned with BCS two-wheel tractors, and their various attachments, on the Cannon horticulture plots. – New Use for…

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  • Field Notes – March 2018

    With spring officially sprung, David Redhage returns to the topic of organic small-scale grain production. Our online events calendar shows several monarch meetups happening around the state. This issue features several resources that would come…

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  • Field Notes – February 2018

    As we move toward the start of spring, David Redhage offers some insights into agroforestry enterprises based on years of experience on the Kerr ranch. For anyone who’s ever puzzled over how to figure out…

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  • Field Notes – January 2018

    This month we bid farewell to Jim Horne as an employee, and welcome him back as board chairman. It’s already time to start the earliest crops for spring planting.  We share some resources to help…

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  • Field Notes – December 2017

    Season’s greetings from the Kerr Center! David Redhage gets this issue rolling with reflections on an article about breeding crops for particular nutritional needs. The rest of this month’s newsletter is given over, as usual,…

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  • Field Notes – November 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Kerr Center! This month, David Redhage reviews a book that looks at techniques for restoring soil life in different regions and climates the world over. We share some of the livestock…

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  • Field Notes – October 2017

    The nights are noticeably longer than the days by now, and many farm and ranch activities are being put to rest for the season. With that thought, we’re focusing this issue on tasks for the…

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  • Field Notes – September 2017

    Fall has arrived, and school bells are ringing – so for this issue, we’re taking a back-to-school slant. David Redhage has been out teaching about increasing and conserving pollinator habitat. We share a presentation on…

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  • Field Notes – August 2017

    It’s August, and we’re as keen as anyone else to keep out of the sun. In this issue, we focus on how to do the same thing for crops and livestock, with features on: –…

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  • Field Notes – July 2017

    This time of summer, we can look with satisfaction out over the horticulture plots’ “green fallow” of warm-season cover crops, keeping the soil shaded and sheltered, as well as weeded and nourished, despite the hot,…

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  • Field Notes – June 2017

    As summer looms, many thoughts turn to water. For this month’s issue, we focus on some farm- and ranch-related aspects of that life-giving liquid. We highlight a report full of advice on how to protect…

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  • Field Notes – May 2017

    Tired of the same old, same old? Try it a different way in May! This month’s president’s note reports on how researchers at the University of Arkansas are moving table grapes into high tunnels to…

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  • Field Notes – April 2017

    This month, David Redhage explains how plastic mulch is helping the horticulture program get soil prepared during narrow weather windows. We continue this issue with some bad news for bats. To balance that, we share…

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  • Field Notes – March 2017

    With gardening season now in full swing, David Redhage responds to the final book of the late “contrary farmer,” Gene Logsdon – a letter to young farmers on “new garden farms.” In the same vein,…

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  • Field Notes – February 2017

    This month we take a look at some tips for tasks that are timely as winter winds to a close: – assessing cattle’s body condition by eye – starting transplants from seed We also report…

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  • Field Notes – January 2017

    Happy 2017 from the Kerr Center! In this issue, we take a look at some often-overlooked benefits of weeds – and how to encourage them. Cattle often shed weight over the winter. One of our…

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  • Field Notes – December 2016

    Season’s greetings from the Kerr Center! Following our habit, we’ve devoted the December issue to a look back over the highlights and accomplishments of the year. Please have a look to see what’s been happening…

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  • Field Notes – November 2016

    With the Thanksgiving holiday just past, we’re reflecting on some of the things we’re thankful for: – We’re thankful for non-chemical approaches to preventing pest damage to crops. – We’re thankful that a cow’s mouth…

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  • Field Notes – October 2016

    With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, we’ve got a note about bats – the real ones, that don’t suck blood but do eat mosquitos and pollinate native plants – and what…

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  • Field Notes – September 2016

    Fall is finally just around the corner, but we’re casting one eye back over our shoulder to summer, when the crew of OSU’s popular TV program “Oklahoma Gardening” visited the Kerr Center to film two…

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  • Field Notes – August 2016

    In the heat of August, activity in the garden winds down, and livestock stick to the shade. It’s a good time for planning, and this month, we offer some ideas for inspiration. David Redhage shares…

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  • Field Notes – July 2016

    Summer is blockbuster movie season. This month, we’ve got viewing suggestions of our own, highlighting several videos from the Kerr Center site. First, though, take a look with David Redhage at small-scale grain raising –…

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  • Field Notes – June 2016

    In this month’s newsletter, we’ve gone a little wild. In this month’s president’s note, David Redhage shares thoughts on his recent reading material: Eating on the Wild Side. We present a recap, with links to…

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  • Field Notes – May 2016

    Registration is closing soon for two June workshops – don’t miss out! May 27 is the last day to register for the June 4 livestock workshop. This intensive, hands-on session combines the topics of two…

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