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Field Notes is the Kerr Center’s newsletter. 2014 marked its 40th year of publication.

In 2015, Field Notes went electronic!

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  • Field Notes – March 2017

    With gardening season now in full swing, David Redhage responds to the final book of the late “contrary farmer,” Gene Logsdon – a letter to young farmers on “new garden farms.” In the same vein,…

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  • Field Notes – February 2017

    This month we take a look at some tips for tasks that are timely as winter winds to a close: – assessing cattle’s body condition by eye – starting transplants from seed We also report…

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  • Field Notes – January 2017

    Happy 2017 from the Kerr Center! In this issue, we take a look at some often-overlooked benefits of weeds – and how to encourage them. Cattle often shed weight over the winter. One of our…

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  • Field Notes – December 2016

    Season’s greetings from the Kerr Center! Following our habit, we’ve devoted the December issue to a look back over the highlights and accomplishments of the year. Please have a look to see what’s been happening…

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  • Field Notes – November 2016

    With the Thanksgiving holiday just past, we’re reflecting on some of the things we’re thankful for: – We’re thankful for non-chemical approaches to preventing pest damage to crops. – We’re thankful that a cow’s mouth…

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  • Field Notes – October 2016

    With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, we’ve got a note about bats – the real ones, that don’t suck blood but do eat mosquitos and pollinate native plants – and what…

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  • Field Notes – September 2016

    Fall is finally just around the corner, but we’re casting one eye back over our shoulder to summer, when the crew of OSU’s popular TV program “Oklahoma Gardening” visited the Kerr Center to film two…

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  • Field Notes – August 2016

    In the heat of August, activity in the garden winds down, and livestock stick to the shade. It’s a good time for planning, and this month, we offer some ideas for inspiration. David Redhage shares…

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  • Field Notes – July 2016

    Summer is blockbuster movie season. This month, we’ve got viewing suggestions of our own, highlighting several videos from the Kerr Center site. First, though, take a look with David Redhage at small-scale grain raising –…

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  • Field Notes – June 2016

    In this month’s newsletter, we’ve gone a little wild. In this month’s president’s note, David Redhage shares thoughts on his recent reading material: Eating on the Wild Side. We present a recap, with links to…

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  • Field Notes – May 2016

    Registration is closing soon for two June workshops – don’t miss out! May 27 is the last day to register for the June 4 livestock workshop. This intensive, hands-on session combines the topics of two…

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  • Field Notes – April 2016

    Registration is now open for two June workshops, on livestock (June 4 at the Kerr Center) and elderberries (June 11 at 360 OK Farms). Space is limited, and registration is first-come, first-serve, so please sign…

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  • Field Notes – March 2016

    Spring has sprung! In this issue, we direct the current and future graziers among you to some eyes-on resources for electric fencing, and point the way to some clarity on the sometimes confusing subject of…

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  • Field Notes – February 2016

    Happy leap year from the Kerr Center! With spring just around the corner, we’re filling this issue with tips to help you prepare for the next growing and grazing seasons. In this issue, you’ll find…

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  • Field Notes – January 2016

    Happy new year from the Kerr Center! We’re ringing in 2016 with a note from our new President and CEO, David Redhage – and a range of reading to help you get your farming, gardening,…

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  • Field Notes – December 2015

    Season’s greetings from the Kerr Center! Please join us in bidding a fond and grateful farewell to outgoing President/CEO Jim Horne. We’re pleased to report that our outreach efforts on native pollinators and their habitat…

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  • Field Notes – November 2015

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Kerr Center! Fall is stretching on toward winter. The shorter days leave time in the evening for snuggling up with something to read – and this month, we have suggested reading…

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  • Field Notes – October 2015

    Happy October! We hope you’ll share our pleasure at having been selected by the Bellmon Awards program in recognition of our work with pollinators. With fall in full swing, we’ve wrapped up our last two…

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  • Field Notes – September 2015

    The first tastes of fall weather are making it pleasant to be outdoors again, and the Kerr Center is offering two autumn workshops to let you enjoy it while sharpening your farming and ranching skills:…

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  • Field Notes – August 2015

    The worst of summer’s heat and drought is almost past, and we’re looking ahead to two great events in our fall educational lineup: – a September 26 elderberry workshop, featuring advice from Oklahoma’s home-grown expert,…

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  • Field Notes – July 2015

    Summer is heating up – and so is the schedule of educational workshops at the Kerr Center. Feral hog management will be the topic of an August 27 workshop, combining expertise from the Noble Foundation…

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  • Field Notes – June 2015

    Things are finally beginning to dry out a little bit on the Kerr Center farm and ranch. Two important dates are coming up next week: On Thursday, June 25, the FREE pasture plant identification workshop…

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  • Field Notes – May 2015 (Special Issue)

    May 28 – next Thursday – is the final day to register for the June 6 “3 Bs” workshop. It covers bees, butterflies, and beneficials, along with a wealth of other practical information on native…

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  • Field Notes – May 2015

    Last month, we predicted (somewhat un-originally) that April showers would bring May flowers. The flowers are here, all right, but what we left out of that forecast was the May deluge that Mother Nature delivered…

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  • Field Notes – April 2015 (Special Issue)

    Two Kerr Center workshops that can help you take your garden in new directions are right around the corner. One covers plasticulture – a gardening method that combines water-saving drip irrigation with weed-smothering plastic mulch,…

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  • Field Notes – April 2015

    If April showers bring May flowers, now’s the time to learn what to watch for – or plant – in your pollinator gardens. Several recent Kerr Center publications can help – download them all as an Earth Day treat! Then, pass that treat along to pollinators by putting the information to work, giving them a hand by preserving habitat and planting pollinator-friendly plants, trees and shrubs.

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  • Field Notes – March 2015

    Spring is bursting at the seams, and so is the Kerr Center’s lineup of educational events. On May 9, find out how plastic mulch can help you give your crops a head start and keep…

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  • Field Notes – February 2015

    Read our February edition of Field Notes and get ready for spring! Recent icy weather makes springtime seem a long way off, but new calves on the ranch remind us that it’s not so far…

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  • Field Notes – January 2015

    Happy New Year from the Kerr Center!  In this first issue of our new email-only newsletter, you can find updates on recent activities in all of our programs – cover crops on the hort plots,…

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  • Field Notes: Fall 2014

    Resilient Farmer Wrap-up, Beginning Farmer and Rancher program review, our new website launches, newsletter moves to electronic format.

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