Kerr Center offers both beginning and experienced ranchers information (how-to videos, slideshows, reports, training) on sustainable production of:  beef cattle,  meat goats &  poultry.  

The Kerr Ranch has been a working ranch since Sen. Robert S. Kerr established it in the 1950s, raising Angus stock.

The ranch has changed with the times, using the most up-to-date sustainable management approaches to improve profitability, maintain the fertility of the soil, and produce healthy animals.

Livestock News/Tips and Recent Publications

  • Starting From Scratch: Multispecies Rotational Grazing in Three Months

    Despite all the advice in seminars and books, few people getting into farming do so in a planned, methodical way. They suddenly inherit, or they jump at an opportunity too good to pass up –…

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  • Livestock Workshop Recap – June 2018

    Fifteen participants absorbed a concentrated dose of education on sustainable livestock management at the Kerr Center’s grazing workshop on June 9, 2018.  The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma sponsored the workshop. This summary of the workshop…

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  • Placing Temporary Fences

    In last month’s livestock article, we talked about how to estimate the amount of available forage in a pasture. Once we have that estimate, we still need to know where to place our temporary fence….

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  • Estimating Forage Availability

    Almost every Kerr Center livestock workshop teaches the basics of estimating available forage and figuring where to place temporary fences to match the number of livestock with the amount of forage available.  These basic skills…

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Learn About: Cattle


Detailed overview of each aspect of the approach used to raising beef cattle on the Kerr Center Ranch

Learn About: Meat Goats


Information about forage-based meat goat production and our 5-year buck test

Learn About: Poultry


Information about heritage chicken breeds and how to build a “chicken tractor”  or movable chicken coop

Livestock Library

Extensive list of publications related to sustainable livestock management, indexed by topic



Will Lathrop
Cattle Manager