Kerr Center

Liz Speake

Liz Speake

Chief Administrative & Business Officer and Corporate Treasurer

Liz Speake is the Business Manager for the Kerr Center.  She is responsible for paying the bills, payroll, and keeping up with budgets and grant billing, plus all the other things that fall under the business department umbrella.

Liz was raised on a cattle ranch near Wister. She started to work part-time for the Kerr Foundation while a high school student, and continued during summer vacations and Christmas breaks while attending college.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Business from East Central Oklahoma State University.

Liz started back to work for the Kerr Foundation in 1983 and set up the business system records for the new Kerr Center in 1985.  In 1994 she took a few years off to have more time with her three children, but returned to work in 1997.

Liz has enjoyed a variety of responsibilities at the Kerr Center including working in the education/communication department.  In 2005 she began working in the business department again.