• Choctaw Hoop House Workshop Recap

    Choctaw Hoop House Workshop Recap

  • Elderberry Workshop Recap

    Elderberry Workshop Recap

    Materials from the June 11 workshop at 360 Farms

  • Univ. of the Ozarks Class Visit April 16

    Tours – Every 2nd Tuesday

    Tour group from OK Ag in the Classroom
  • Cover Crop Mowing June 2015

    Cover crops:

    – weed suppression
    – fertility
    – much, much more!

  • Organic Vegetables
  • Organic Farm


The Kerr Center’s horticulture program shows farmers and gardeners, from beginners on up, how to sustainably grow vegetable crops.

The six+ acre Cannon Horticulture Project, certified organic in 2011, is founded on organic system design and management.  Organic certification was allowed to lapse in 2017, but organic management continues in order to permit easy re-certification in the future.  Demonstrations are tailored to organic home and market gardens in the same size range.

Through its history, the Kerr Center has grown a diverse variety of crops, focusing heavily on heirloom varieties in recent years.

Harvests go to local food pantries, into meals served at Kerr Center events, and to staff.

Both cover crops and some cash crops (e.g. sunflowers), as well as border plantings, provide habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators.

Production practices emphasize:

In addition to demonstrating organic production methods, the Cannon plots serve as an outdoor, on-farm classroom for college interns, farmer training programs, and public field days.

Our four-year bioextensive rotation starts from the ground up, building healthy soil with on-farm resources, using techniques including

Organic Farming News/Tips and Recent Publications

  • Researchers Find Water Conservation Solutions in Cover Crops

    via Southern SARE:

    In a two-year graduate student study at Texas Tech University, funded through the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SSARE) program, winter cover crops – specifically rye – helped build healthy soils while preserving precious water for summer crops in minimally tilled forage-based grazing systems.

    Read more
  • Farming with Walk-Behind Tractors

    This report covers the Kerr Center’s decade of experience using walk-behind tractors in the Cannon Horticulture Project. It serves as both backgrounder and how-to manual.

    Read more
  • HIS 2018 Proceedings Available

    The proceedings from the 2018 Horticulture Industries show, along with a photo gallery from the same event, are now available free online. The proceedings document is a 222-page pdf with program information, vendor contact information,…

    Read more

Learn About: Pest Management


We use cover crops and rotations to successfully control weeds and grasses such as Bermuda in our hort plots. We have beneficial insect habitat and build healthy soils with a balance of microorganisms.  Learn more

Learn About: Season Extension


Shade (and grasshopper barriers) for hot weather; extra frost protection (including the popular Hanley-style hoop house) at season’s beginning and end.  Learn more

Learn About: Organic Agriculture


What do the national organic standards actually say? How do they apply to small farms? How did they come to be? Learn more

Learn About: Building Soil


Build healthy soils with cover crops and rotations, compost, and biochar. Learn more

Learn About: Horticulture Crops


Heirloom Variety Trials and demonstrations (of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, squash, sorghum, okra, and other crops) are one of the latest in a long series of horticultural undertakings at the Kerr Center. Learn more

Learn About: Tools & Equipment

Photos and explanations of the right tools for the right job, with a focus on small-scale market farming. Learn more

Horticulture/Organic Library


Find a wide assortment of resources  in print and multimedia. Browse our library

Cannon Horticulture Project

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