Season Extension

• Start crops earlier in the spring
• Keep them going later in the fall
• Grow cool-season crops all
through the winter


Heated, mechanically vented (thermostat)


Cannon Hort Plots greenhouse: 22' x 30'
Start seedlings before last frost


Unheated, manually vented
(raise sides when warm)

Portable, in-field frost protection
Build a 17' x 100' hoop house for about $1,000

Download Plans


Season extension:
not just for cold weather

Help fall seedlings get started, or stretch spring crops' season (protect tomatoes from sunscald)
Stretch shade cloth over hoop house or mini-hoops

Row Cover

Less frost protection, but more portable

Season Extension

Season Extension Resources

  • Season Extension Hits the Skids

    Last month’s hoop house workshop looked at a variety of season extension structures. One of them came about almost by accident, but is proving to be one of the most versatile and popular on the…

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  • Choctaw Hoop House Workshop Recap – and Updated Plans!

    The Choctaw Nation hosted one of the Kerr Center’s popular hoop house workshops at its Community Center in Poteau on October 7. The workshop treated participants to a hands-on experience assembling an affordable, 1,700 square-foot…

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  • Hoop House Construction Plans

    This document explains how to build a low-cost hoop house, of the design developed by Tod Hanley.

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  • Portable Shade

    Take a structure designed to protect tender plants from frost, and turn it into something that keeps cattle cool in high summer? Sure – it’s just another example of the Kerr Center livestock program’s can-do…

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  • Berries Thrive in High Tunnels, But Be Aware of Pests

    via Southern SARE: A University of Arkansas study has found that using high tunnels in berry production can increase yields, extend the harvest season, and improve fruit quality compared to field production. However, care must…

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  • Plan Now for a Hoop House

    A hoop house built over the winter can get spring crops to market earlier, for higher prices.  Here are the Kerr Center’s plans and explanatory aids for a low-cost Hanley-style hoop house.

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  • Other Hoop House Resources

    This is a selection of off-site resources on season extension.

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  • Hoop House Plans and Instructions

    The Kerr Center sponsored several workshops on hoop house (also known as high-tunnel or cold frame) construction.  The workshops focused on the low-cost, user-friendly design developed by producer grant recipients Tod and Jamie Hanley. These…

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  • Hoophouse Materials List

    This is a list of materials and cost calculations for building a hoophouse. It was most recently updated in fall 2017.

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  • Hoop House How-To

    This slide show takes the viewer step-by-step through the process of building a low-cost hoop-house for season extension.

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Learn About: Hoop House Construction

Plans, instructions, and illustrations for building a low-cost Hanley-style hoop house. Learn more