Season Extension

• Start crops earlier in the spring
• Keep them going later in the fall
• Grow cool-season crops all
through the winter


Heated, mechanically vented (thermostat)


Cannon Hort Plots greenhouse: 22' x 30'
Start seedlings before last frost


Unheated, manually vented
(raise sides when warm)

Portable, in-field frost protection
Build a 17' x 100' hoop house for about $1,000

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Season extension:
not just for cold weather

Help fall seedlings get started, or stretch spring crops' season (protect tomatoes from sunscald)
Stretch shade cloth over hoop house or mini-hoops

Row Cover

Less frost protection, but more portable

Season Extension

Season Extension Resources

Learn About: Hoop House Construction

Plans, instructions, and illustrations for building a low-cost Hanley-style hoop house. Learn more