Resources Overview

The Kerr Center offers information on a wide range of topics in sustainable farming and ranching, alternative marketing, food and agriculture policy, and rural development. Formats include books, reports, how-to manuals, fact sheets, articles, information packets, power points and speaker’s packets.

Most of our publications are free and can be read on-line, just click on the title. Many publications online are in the PDF format, which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is free and can be downloaded at

Publications are divided by topic into several sections. Several of these offer information oriented toward agricultural producers. These are divided by the type of enterprise, into separate sections on organic certification, farming and gardening, heirloom vegetables and seed saving, season extension, raising livestock, and organic agriculture.

In addition, to help farmers and customers connect with one another, a section on buying and selling locally contains resources with advice on marketing strategies and finding and evaluating local food sources.

A collection of articles on the general subject of sustainable agriculture includes backgrounds, definitions, history, and key concepts.

More detailed information on particular subjects within the larger area of sustainable agriculture can be found in the section on food and agricultural issues. Publications in this section are geared toward informing members of the general public. Subjects include genetically modified organisms (GMOs), confined-animal feeding operations (CAFOs), farmland preservation, and many other aspects of food and agriculture policy.

Finally, the Kerr Center’s most recent publications (2007 – present) are collected together on a single page for easy reference.

Publication Categories