A Home-grown Thanksgiving Feast?

home-grown Thanksgiving feast

Turkey isn’t the only thing on the Thanksgiving table, of course. Most of us also enjoy dressing and sweet potatoes, squash, some sliced tomatoes and peppers in a salad, and maybe a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert.

The Kerr Center has worked with the crops that go into all of these dishes at one point or another, and we’ve published our results to give you a leg up on growing them yourself.

For the cornmeal in the dressing, you can take a look at our flour and meal corn demonstration report. We’ve also worked with growing flour corn as part of the three sisters combination of corn, beans, and squash.

We’ve done extensive work with all aspects of heirloom sweet potato production, including three years of published variety trials, as well as a report on tools and techniques for small-scale growing and harvesting.

For the salad? We’ve got a page on our website detailing our experiments with hydroponic greens. We’ve also worked a good deal with tomatoes, including two years of variety trials and a grafting demonstration. We’ve also got reports on our work growing tomatoes – and peppersin containers.

When time for dessert rolls around, you can refer to our report on growing organic no-till pumpkins. You might also want to get ultra-local and use sorghum as a sweetener. In that case, be sure to check out our heirloom sorghum variety trial reports, as well as our sweet sorghum production and processing manual, now in its third edition. (We do charge for that one, but most of the rest of these resources are free!)

All of these publications, along with many more, are collected in our online horticulture library.

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