Agritourism in Oklahoma: Room to Grow!

agritourism oklahoma room grow

Plenty of people will open their wallets for a taste of farm life – that’s the whole principle that agritourism is built on. Oklahoma has plenty of agritourism enterprises, but how do they stack up compared to the other 49 states? A new series of agritourism fact sheets answers that question.

A quick look at ODAFF’s Oklahoma Agritourism website demonstrates just how widespread and diverse the state’s agritourism offerings have become. From breweries to bed-&-breakfasts, farmers markets to crop mazes, and wineries to wedding venues, there’s something for almost every interest.

Still, a look at national averages shows that Oklahoma agritourism has plenty of room to grow. According to USDA 2017 Census of Agriculture data, compiled by a team of researchers from universities in several states, including OSU, Oklahoma has 3.8% of the nation’s farms, but just 1.9% of the agritourism operations.

The team broke agritourism operations down into three categories: those with direct sales only, like farm stands; those with some other form of agritourism, like farm stays or petting zoos; and those that combine both.

The researchers published this information in a series of fact sheets – one for the U.S. overall, and one for each state. The fact sheets also go into detail about the demographic and business information on farms engaged in agritourism enterprises, including farmer age and gender, crops grown, farm size, and farm income generated by agritourism and direct sales.

For example, the Oklahoma fact sheet shows that there are 78,531 total farms, including 2,292 that sell their products directly to consumers, 709 that offer agritourism activities but don’t sell directly to consumers, and 52 that engage in both activities.

Cattle are still king in Oklahoma, even in agritourism. Nationwide, of farms with agritourism only, 32% produce beef cattle. In Oklahoma, that figure is 55%.

By facilitating comparisons of such state-level findings, the fact sheets also highlight regional and national trends. For instance, about one out of every five farms in the U.S. that offer some form of agritourism, including direct sales, are in the northeastern region alone. This, too, highlights the opportunities awaiting Oklahoma agritourism entrepreneurs.

If you think helping to grow Oklahoma agritourism is role your operation might play, there’s a wealth of additional information and support to be had from ODAFF’s Oklahoma Agritourism website.

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