Agroforestry Infographics

agroforestry infographics

The Savanna Institute recently released a new series of free infographics explaining concepts in agroforestry.

The graphics provide descriptions of these five common agroforestry practices:

  • Alley Cropping – the cultivation of crops in the alleys between regularly spaced rows of trees or shrubs
  • Forest Farming – the cultivation of specialty crops under existing forest canopies
  • Riparian Buffers – Strips of permanent vegetation alongside a stream, lake, or wetland
  • Silvopasture – the intentional integration of trees, pasture, and livestock, managed as a single system
  • Windbreaks – strips of trees and shrubs designed to enhance crop or livestock production while providing conservation benefits

Each infographic consists of an illustrated two-page PDF with a summary of the practice’s challenges and benefits, and a section of frequently asked questions about implementation.

The infographics are available free from the Savanna Institute website (email signup required).

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