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George Kuepper Retires

George Kuepper was Horticulture Manager at the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture from 2008 through his retirement earlier this year.

President’s Note: Days Gone By, Looking to the Future – Grains

Today there seems to be a resurging interest in local grains and heirloom grain varieties. When we think of wheat today, most envision large combines on the Great Plains or Pacific Northwest. People are waking up to the idea that grain crops used to be grown on small farms throughout the United States, outside of today’s commodity wheat production regions.

Livestock Workshop Recap

The livestock workshop at the Kerr Ranch on June 4, 2016, was a highly educational and informative event. For those unable to attend – or for those who did but…

Elderberry Workshop Recap 2016

A capacity crowd filled the Kerr Center’s June 11 elderberry workshop at 360 Farms. Two of Oklahoma’s most successful elderberry entrepreneurs, Brent and Valerie Madding, hosted the workshop at their…

President’s Note: Soil Erosion and Agriculture

Soil erosion is a natural process. Under agricultural production systems soil erosion in many cases exceeds the natural rate. Many of you are aware of the issues surrounding soil erosion.…

President’s Note: Practicing What We Preach

Many times when I look at different organizations and what they stand for, I wonder if those in charge actually “practice what they preach.” I have been involved in agriculture…