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Pollinator Resource Guides Updated

Three of the Kerr Center’s pollinator resource guides have been updated with new information and links. They are: Native Plant Identification Guides, Native Plant Seed Catalog and Nursery Sources, and Native Pollinator Books.

Grazing Workshop Recap

It began more with a zap than a bang: a zap that left around a thousand people in the Poteau area without power on a Saturday morning. Still, the Kerr…

Elderberry Workshop Recap

Thirty people gathered at the Kerr Center on Saturday, September 26, for an in-depth look at all aspects of elderberries as an alternative crop, from propagation and culture through harvest and marketing. This post summarizes the workshop and provides links to resources used during it.

Scientists Document Benefits of Diverse Rotations

Anyone who’s attended a Kerr Center horticulture workshop in the last umpteen years has been exposed to the idea that crop rotations confer numerous benefits both on the soils they’re carried out on, and on the crops that grow in those soils. Studies hot off the academic presses have just added more support to the notion.