Benefits and Challenges to Adopting Silvopasture

benefits challenges silvopasture

A newly published study makes a fresh tally of the benefits of silvopasture systems in agroforestry, but also charts the most common challenges that producers face in setting them up.

Researchers at the USDA’s National Agroforestry Center reviewed more than 50 studies on the adoption of silvopasture practices. They identified shade for livestock and diversification of income as the main benefits of silvopasture systems.

The study found that lack of information is the main obstacle preventing producers from adopting silvopasture. However, once producers do begin incorporating silvopasture, a large majority – 88% – continue the practice.

Strong links emerged between silvopasture and other sustainable grazing practices, such as management intensive grazing (used by 98% of silvopasture adopters) and combining silvopasture with open pastures (96%).

The study was published in the March 2022 issue of the journal Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment.

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