Organic Farming and Gardening

tomatoes love roses

Tomatoes Love Roses?

Could rose oil keep pests off your tomato plants? According to a recently published study, the answer is yes.

organic blueberry production

Organic Blueberry Production

ATTRA has updated its free guide to blueberry production, focusing specifically on organics, with George Kuepper as an author.

home-grown pride certified

Home-Grown Pride – Certified!

Home-grown farm goods will soon stand out on grocery shelves, letting both growers and shoppers take pride in certified U.S.-raised foods.

make own vacuum seeder

Make Your Own Vacuum Seeder

Why not make your own vacuum seeder at home? This how-to video from ATTRA shows a low-cost approach using simple parts.

home-grown Thanksgiving feast

A Home-grown Thanksgiving Feast?

If you’re trying to put a home-grown feast on the Thanksgiving table, the horticulture section of our website has all the know-how you need!