Agroforestry: growing trees with crops and/or livestock on the same land

Silvopasture: grazing livestock and growing trees on the same land

Two income streams: cattle (short term); timber (long-term)

A possible third: enhanced wildlife habitat

Like many other southern cattle producers, the Kerr Center has large pastures kept clear of trees for hay and forage production.

During hot weather, cattle do not graze well in unshaded areas.

Establishing trees in pastures provides shade for cattle and improves grazing. It also helps to remove excess water, which can be a limiting factor for high quality forage.


Establishment methods

  • Plant on contour
  • Deep mulch: mow and rake, or unroll a round hay bale
  • Planting into mulch minimizes weed competition and keeps water in soil
  • Rip a furrow: deep furrow channels runoff to seedling roots & reduces erosion


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This report covers general concepts and approaches in agroforestry. It includes references, a reading list, tables of planting distances, and a list of tree species suitable for southeastern Oklahoma.

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