Pond Watering Points

Limited Access Watering Points

Limited access watering point.
Limited access watering point.

At the Kerr Center Stewardship Ranch, several ponds have been constructed outside of the riparian areas to provide water for the livestock.  Developing these water points has had the added benefits of allowing us to cross-fence more effectively, intensify grazing, and better utilize the pastures.

The new ponds have been fenced so cattle have restricted access.  A floating fence and rock ramps have been installed to allow cattle access to the water, yet keep them from wading into the pond.  The ramps help prevent soil erosion, extend the life of the pond, improve water quality and enhance the wildlife benefits of the pond.

For the access point, the slope should be 4:1 or flatter. A floating fence needs to be located where the water is at least 5 feet deep, 20 feet from the shore.  Fence may be constructed from 2” schedule 40 PVC pipe to form an access lane for cattle.  If muddy conditions are possible at the watering point, gravel and possibly an underlying layer of geotextile, should be installed on the ramp.

Limited Access Watering Points-Ponds

  2011 $
20’ wide and 40’ out in pond
Geotextile$1.42/sq. yd.89 sq. yds.$ 126.38
Rock ( gravel, 2”) 8” deep$16.67/ton26.67 tons$ 444.59
PVC Pipe Fence$ 137.15
Tractor$104 hrs. $  40.00
Labor$103 hrs $  30.00
Total Cost$ 778.12

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