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Sweet Sorghum: Production and Processing, Third Edition

One of the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture’s most enduringly popular publications, Sweet Sorghum: Production and Processing, is now available in an updated third edition.

George Kuepper, the author of the original 1992 report, also penned this latest edition.

Sorghum is a traditional crop throughout the southern United States and the lower Midwest. The name also refers to the sweetener made by boiling down the juice from the crushed stalks of the sorghum plant.

The Kerr Center published the original edition in response to the resurgence of interest in small-scale sorghum syrup production, and also to document and share the Center’s extensive experience with the crop.

The interest has continued, and although some of the material in the original manual is dated, the principles and practices it describes are still just as relevant. As such, the 2019 second edition kept the 1992 document intact, providing updated information as appendices.

The second-edition updates focused on sugar cane aphids, which emerged as a serious pest of sorghum in 2013. The new third edition incorporates a previously published article, also written by Kuepper, on sweet sorghum varieties with resistance to the pest.

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