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Using a Bed Shaper

Horticulture Program Assistant Bill Edgar demonstrates using a bed shaper to form raised beds for planting.

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Tire Tanks: Preparation

In this video, Kerr Center Livestock Program Assistant Daryl Davis demonstrates how to prepare a used tire for conversion to a watering tank for cattle.

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Tire Tanks: Installation

In this video, Kerr Center Livestock Program Assistant Daryl Davis demonstrates how to plumb an old tire converted for use as a watering tank.

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Vermicomposting at Kerr Center I

Composting with earthworms– the basics. Consultant Luke Freeman explains how vermicomposting works and details of the Kerr Center project. The center’s Canon Organic Horticulture Project uses vermicompost in its soil building program. Also featuring Kerr Center intern Jon Pollnow.

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Vermicomposting II- Bins & Management

Discussion of vermicompost bins: commercial black plastic, cinderblock sides and straw/hay bale sides. Pros and cons of each, Kerr Center experience, and discussion of how to manage the worms.

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Cattle Dentition Video

This is a video of David Sparks, D.V.M., from the 2011 Healthy Soils, Healthy Livestock conference, explaning how to determine a cow’s age by looking at her teeth.

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Electric Fencing: How to Splice Wires Together

Ralph Harris of Arkansas NRCS demonstrates how to splice two electric fence wires together with a knot that is smooth and conducts electricity well at a workshop sponsored by the Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association in Wilson, Oklahoma, in June 2011.

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