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Deadline: NRCS Wetland Mitigation Banking Program

Deadline: NRCS Wetland Mitigation Banking Program
07/06/2020 @ 10:59 pm

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers Wetland Mitigation Banking Program grants to help conservation partners develop or establish mitigation banks to help agricultural producers maintain eligibility for USDA programs.

This competitive grants program helps states, local governments, and other qualified partners develop wetland mitigation banks to restore, create, or enhance wetland ecosystems.

Producers seeking benefits through most USDA programs must comply with wetland conservation provisions by affirming they will not impact wetlands on their lands. In situations where avoidance or on-site mitigation is challenging, the Farm Bill allows for off-site mitigation through the purchase of mitigation banking credits.

Wetland mitigation banking is the restoration, creation or enhancement of wetlands to compensate for unavoidable impacts on wetlands at other locations. The Farm Bill’s wetland conservation provisions, commonly called Swampbuster provisions, aim to remove certain incentives to convert wetlands or to produce agricultural commodities on converted wetlands.

Applications must be submitted through  by 11:59 p.m. ET on July 6, 2020.

For more information, visit the USDA-NRCS Wetland Mitigation Banking website, or email the program.