Kerr Center

Greenhouse Short Course

08/05/2020 – 08/06/2020 all-day
Mike Schnelle

This greenhouse short course is geared toward the commercial grower or retailer, but most of the tenets and principles conveyed are applicable to greenhouse hobbyists, Master Gardeners, Linnaeus Gardeners, Oklahoma Garden Association members and others that may not necessarily be seeking this discipline as their part- or full-time livelihood.

Because greenhouse production is at least a semester-long course throughout U.S. universities, we will strategically pick and choose topics to squeeze into a relatively short timeframe. However, attendees will make valuable contacts to follow up with long after the formal event has concluded.

Both ornamental and edible crops will be addressed as a team effort between leading industry and academic experts.

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University, Manhattan
    An entomologist by training, Dr. Cloyed has extensive experience in controlling greenhouse pests that all of us encounter regardless of our level of expertise and experience. Dr. Cloyd is in demand, having lectured throughout the U.S. and abroad.
  • Dr. Rick Snyder (Doctor Tomato), Mississippi State University Extension, Crystal Springs
  • Dr. Snyder has 30 years plus of experience growing and advising others regarding commercial tomato operations and other edible crops.
    Todd Cavins, Technical Services Specialist, Ball Horticultural Company, West Chicago
  • Dr. Bruce Dunn, Holly Pasmore, Haldor Howard, Mike Schnelle, all from OSU, Stillwater and OSU-OKC, will also lecture with yet others to still be announced.

Details TBA. For more information, check back at, or contact Mike Schnelle.