Free Grazing 101 E-Book

free grazing e-book

The National Grazing Lands Coalition has teamed up with On Pasture and Yvette Gibson, an online learning specialist in grazing science, to share the information needed to be a successful grazier. The free Grazing 101 e-book introduces the principles needed to:

• Manage for soil and pasture health,
• Choose the right fencing, watering systems, handling facilities and livestock, and
• Work smarter, not harder, and actually make a profit.

Don Ashford introduces the basics, and shares his philosophies, developed over sixty years of working with livestock.  Other experts add how-tos that demonstrate principles in practice.

A 43-lesson online course on Grazing 101 and a 24-lesson course on Recordkeeping are also available free.

These resources are free, thanks in part to funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and donations from the editors and authors. They’re part of a larger outreach and collaboration effort to provide assistance to those stewarding the nation’s grazing lands.

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