Grazing Workshop Recap

It began more with a zap than a bang: a zap that left around a thousand people in the Poteau area without power on a Saturday morning. Still, the Kerr Center livestock program practices the same kind of adaptability it prizes in the breeds it uses, and workshop attendees displayed the same quality, moving the program out of the lightless basement classroom into the outdoor light of morning.

David Redhage (l) and Will Lathrop open the October 2015 grazing workshop.

Kerr Center Vice President David Redhage got the ball rolling, then quickly yielded the floor to Cattle Manager Will Lathrop, who’s been teaching audiences about sustainable livestock management since long before powerpont presentations were common, and thus never missed a beat. (Here’s the presentation he would have used, though, for those inclined toward the electronic comforts of the present.)

The workshop agenda covered all aspects of the Kerr Center’s livestock program: first with the morning’s classroom run-through on the theory, and then again in hands-on fashion with an afternoon tour of rhe ranch.

Participants learned, and practiced:


  • calculating how many acres of that forage would feed a given herd for a day,

Will Lathrop (writing) and Daryl Davis (rear) calculate forage availability during the October 2015 grazing workshop.

  • and setting up temporary electric fencing to give access to that amount of pasture.

Daryl Davis helps a workshop participant get the hang of stringing temporary electric fence during the October 2015 grazing workshop.

In addition, they learned how gravity fills water tanks – including some made of old tires – from ponds on the ranch…

At the October 2015 grazing workshop, Livestock Program Assistant Daryl Davis describes how the Kerr Center makes watering tanks out of discarded tires.

… as well as how the Kerr Center limits the grazing of riparian areas to reduce erosion, improve water quality, and enhance wildlife habitat.


Stay tuned for more educational events from the livestock program in 2016!


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