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December 15 is the signup deadline for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, to address concerns related to the poultry industry.
Insects have been declining rapidly - but insect pests are still damaging more crops than ever, says newly published research.
Through grazing management and limiting the use of de-wormers, we hope we can control parasite loads and decrease parasite resistance.
A new study finds that transportation still accounts for a whopping one-fifth of the food system's greenhouse gas emissions.
There's a new third-party certification process and label, for farmers and ranchers wishing to market their products as “regenerative.”
SARE publications offer an extensive collection of professional, practical advice on many different aspects of sustainable agriculture.
U.S. bird populations have dropped by a quarter in the past 50 years - and the decline appears set to
One of few books to focus completely on the subject of woodchips in food production, this new volume is a
New research shows that bee diversity is even more important for crop pollination than previously thought.
A leading international conservation group has designated the monarch butterfly as endangered, put it is still not legally protected.