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ready farmer one
If you are looking for a book that addresses marketing in today’s world, Ready Farmer One is it.
caring cattle cold
A few simple practices for caring for cattle in the cold can go a long way towards bringing your herd
citizen science
There are plenty of opportunities to engage in citizen science - from the comfort of your own home, doing things
plant hardiness zone
USDA's plant hardiness zone maps got an update last year. As the climate warms, the plant hardiness zones are marching
home-grown Thanksgiving feast
If you're trying to put a home-grown feast on the Thanksgiving table, the horticulture section of our website has all
local turkey table
What's involved in putting a heritage breed, pasture raised turkey from a local farm on your Thanksgiving table? For one
oklahoma wild turkeys
Nowadays, wild turkeys are thriving throughout Oklahoma - but that wasn't always the case. These resilient natives once nearly went
presidents note sawmill workshop
The Kerr Center recently hosted a sawmill workshop for local schools, with assistance from the Oklahoma Department of Forestry.
monarchs not endangered
Barely a year after declaring them endangered, a major conservation group now says the monarchs are not in as much