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CRP Grassland Signup deadline
The signup deadline for the Grassland CRP is June 28. Get Uncle Sam to pay you for conservation while you
oklahoma monarch society
Welcome the Oklahoma Monarch Society, the state's newest monarch-focused non-profit organization! (Only the name is really new....)
global greenhouse acreage
A new study shows global greenhouse acreage taking off, with both Oklahoma and the U.S. also growing rapidly, but far
elderberry trial preliminary results
The multi-state elderberry variety trial in which the Kerr Center's been partnering has begun to yield preliminary research results.
tomatoes love roses
Could rose oil keep pests off your tomato plants? According to a recently published study, the answer is yes.
fungi prairie plant native
Evidence is mounting that native prairie plants do better with beneficial fungi living on, and even in, their roots.
cover crops livestock operations
Cover crops can have an important, and profitable, role in livestock operations - and Oklahoma has plenty of potential for
oklahoma native pollinator plants
Oklahoma Native Plants for People and Pollinators, now in a second edition, includes 30% more plants than the first edition.
soil health management income
Soil health management practices both saved producers money and added income, boosting net per-acre income by $65 on average.
organic blueberry production
ATTRA has updated its free guide to blueberry production, focusing specifically on organics, with George Kuepper as an author.