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sustainable innovations farming tv
Tune in to RFD-TV on March 29 at 5:30 P.M. EDT for the premiere of a new episode showcasing sustainable
new farms up running
The Kerr Center's David Redhage recently interviewed organic farmer Jesse Frost about getting new farms up and running to a
southern soil health course
A new free online course from the Organic Farming Research Foundation equips southern producers with the knowledge to increase soil
grain mixes climate resilience
New research is revealing how an old practice - planting grain mixes in the same field, as a polyculture -
running out of vets
Farm country is running out of vets, according to a new report. The same publication also offers suggestions on how
poultry processing guide
ATTRA's guide to small-scale poultry processing regulations offers valuable information for anyone considering a meat poultry enterprise.
The Kerr Center is planting a large number of highbush and rabbiteye blueberry varieties to evaluate for eastern Oklahoma.
end burning wood electricity
Hundreds of scientists recently published a letter urging world leaders to move away from using wood for both heat and
cover crop timing
Timing in planting a fall cover crop is critical for both coverage over the winter and biomass production the following
neighbors helping signup deadline
December 15 is the signup deadline for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, to address concerns related to the poultry industry.