Guide Helps Beginners with Direct-Marketing Meat

guide direct marketing meat

Following the time-honored profit strategy of cutting out the middleman, direct marketing is an appealing option for many meat producers. Its growing popularity in recent years attests to that.

However, direct marketing is not a silver bullet, and multiple potential pitfalls complicate the path to profitability. For meat producers who are contemplating direct marketing for the first time, these can be daunting.

To help minimize that hurdle, there’s now a valuable new guide: the Beginner’s Resource Guide to Direct Marketing Meat. Published by the Pasture Project at the Wallace Center, this free online guide is designed to be a “first resource” for those new to direct marketing, as well as existing direct marketers who are considering adding a new enterprise.

It is organized as a “guide to guides,” to help producers quickly and easily identify which of a wide array of existing resources will be most helpful for their particular needs. Topic areas include business planning, processing, labels and certification, and marketing, among many others.

Download the Beginner’s Guide to Direct Marketing Meat


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