Guide to Monarch Lookalikes

guide monarch lookalikes

The spring monarch migration has started! That orange-and-black butterfly you see fluttering past must be another monarch… or is it?

Although their iconic color pattern is pretty distinctive, there are other common butterflies that look similar enough to monarchs to be confused with them. The viceroy, and, to a lesser extent, the soldier and queen, can all be mistaken for monarchs.

To help reduce the confusion, Okies for Monarchs has created a helpful free guide to these monarch lookalikes.

In addition to its tips on distinguishing adults of these species from one another, the guide also discusses differences in appearance in some of the larval stages, as well as host plant preferences, as additional clues. It even offers pointers on telling male and female monarchs apart.

Have a look at the guide to common monarch lookalikes, and don’t fall for anything but the real deal this migration!

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