Just What Is “Regenerative Grazing,” Anyway?

regenerative grazing

Lately you may have been hearing the phrase “regnerative grazing” more and more often – and, like as not, wondering exactly what it means.  NCAT and ATTRA have a couple of fresh resources that help to tackle that question.

This 20-minute video with NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Justin Morris explains the meaning of “regenerative grazing.” It spends some time detailing the differences between that concept and commonly conflated terms like “organic” and “sustainable.”

This ATTRA blog post profiles the “fresh grass and move” management technique used by Nebraska rancher Doug Garrison. Though he started out using prescribed fire, over the past quarter-century, he’s accumulated data showing that rotational grazing produces 11% more biomass than controlled burns – up to an additional 300 pounds per acre each year, on average.



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