Livestock Conservancy 2021 Poultry Census

livestock conservancy poultry census

The 2021 Poultry Census is a critically important project focused on breeding populations of domestic poultry (purebred breeds or landraces), including chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. The census will enable The Livestock Conservancy to understand how poultry populations are faring in North America and guide future conservation efforts.

Many heritage breed poultry are historically significant and represent irreplaceable genetics that may be essential to the future of agriculture. Rare and traditional poultry breeds are an important option for small farms, possessing traits such as foraging, maternal ability, disease resistance, and heat- or cold-tolerance that are beneficial to small farmers and backyard hobbyists. Even as backyard poultry keeping becomes more popular, many of the less common or more challenging breeds are in real danger of extinction.

The Livestock Conservancy invites you to complete the 2021 Poultry Census. The greater your participation, the more precise the picture of poultry populations in North America. Your responses will remain anonymous, but you may opt to share your contact information with The Livestock Conservancy. This will help identify breeders who hold flocks of high conservation value, which are important to the long-term genetic diversity of endangered poultry breeds. A detailed summary of census results will be shared with you following analysis of collected data.

To participate in the 2021 Poultry Census, please fill out the survey online at


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