Livestock Workshop Recap – June 2018

Fifteen participants absorbed a concentrated dose of education on sustainable livestock management at the Kerr Center’s grazing workshop on June 9, 2018.  The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma sponsored the workshop.

This summary of the workshop contains links to all materials, both for participants who’d like an electronic copy, and for those unable to attend. For those looking to learn still more, the Kerr Center’s livestock library contains many more resources on sustainable livestock husbandry.

Introduction to Grazing – Will Lathrop
Benefits of Grazing Management

Benefits of Controlled Grazing – Will Lathrop
Fact Sheet: Grazing Management
Pasture Legumes: Establishment & Management
The True Cost of Hay

Plant ID – David Redhage, Simon Billy
Plant Identification Worksheet

Tire Tanks, Pond Management, Riparian Areas – Kerr Center Staff
New Use for Old Tires
Watering Systems for Serious Graziers
Alternative Livestock Watering Systems
Watering Systems for Cattle Ponds
Resources for Pond Management
Riparian Area Management Techniques
Protecting Water Quality While Healing Erosion Caused by Livestock Trails
Ranch Management Practices to Improve Water Quality


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