Make Your Own Vacuum Seeder

make own vacuum seeder

It’s seed-starting time again! If you’re starting many plants at all, even for a home garden – much less a market farm – seeding out flat after flat by hand can get tedious pretty quickly. Commercial vacuum seeders make much shorter work of the job, but they’re pricey.

The folks at ATTRA hit upon an ingenious solution: why not make your own vacuum seeder at home? They gave it a try, and came up with an approach using simple parts that comes in much cheaper – especially if you already have a shop-vac around.

The result is a how-to video that explains the process of building a homemade vacuum seeder. In addition to the step-by-step instructions, the video also includes lists of materials and tools, and a demonstration of how to use the seeder once you’ve built it.

If you’re already looking toward the other end of the season, ATTRA has also recently reviewed a mechanical greens harvester, powered by a cordless drill. (Sorry – it’s just the review, not instructions on how to make your own on that one!)

The Kerr Center website includes an extensive section on tools and equipment that we’ve found useful in our own horticulture projects.

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