Marketing Agroforestry Products

marketing agroforestry products

“Agroforestry products” might put most of us in mind of timber – and that’s certainly the main product of the Kerr Center’s agroforestry projects. However, that only scratches the surface of what it’s possible to harvest and sell from agroforestry enterprises. A new, free publication from the USDA’s National Agroforestry Center offers several examples of the diversity of potential agroforestry crops.

Marketing Agroforestry Products: Lessons from Producers is a 15-page pdf of short profiles of seven farms around the country producing and marketing different agroforestry products  – from breadfruit in Hawaii to ramps (wild leeks), fiddlehead ferns, and stinging nettles in Delaware. Of particular interest to Oklahoma farmers and ranchers are profiles of enterprises marketing pecans, elderberries, and pawpaws.

Each profile includes a list of assistance and resources received in the development of the enterprise. In addition, the publication includes a concluding page of lessons learned.

Marketing Agroforestry Products: Lessons from Producers is available free online here.

This article is from the August 2021 issue of the Kerr Center newsletter, Field Notes.
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