Monarchs Gain a New Old Friend in Oklahoma: Oklahoma Monarch Society

oklahoma monarch society

Welcome the Oklahoma Monarch Society, the state’s newest monarch-focused non-profit organization!

Actually, it’s both old and new. If you’ve been following the Kerr Center for long, you’ve probably heard of Okies for Monarchs. That’s the group charged with raising awareness about monarchs, and increasing monarch habitat in the state, under the Statewide Monarch Action Plan.

Okies for Monarchs is just one project of the organization now called the Oklahoma Monarch Society. It came about in 2018, as one of numerous objectives identified in the statewide action plan. The plan itself was hatched by a larger group of many cooperating organizations, called the Oklahoma Monarch & Pollinator Collaborative (OMPC), founded in 2016.

What else has the Oklahoma Monarch Society’s earlier incarnation been doing? Its mission is “to support statewide efforts to create and protect habitat for monarchs and pollinators in Oklahoma.” To further that mission, it’s done a number of things, including working with Oklahoma businesses to use a portion of the sales of their products – native pollinator plant seed mixes, and even a local beer – to fund pollinator conservation.

It also had a hand in starting Oklahoma’s monarch license plate program. Previously, when you bought one of those plates, $20 of the purchase price went to the Nature Conservancy. Starting this November, those funds will go directly to the Oklahoma Monarch Society – and therein lies a clue to the new non-profit’s reason for being.

Up to now, the organization has had its financial chores handled by the Nature Conservancy and the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma. It’s now grown to the point that it can step out from under those groups’ umbrella – and by so doing, open the door to further growth and activity.

The Kerr Center’s been a proud member, along with over 40 other organizations, of the OMPC, and we’re eager to see, and pitch in with, what other great strides it and other projects of the Oklahoma Monarch Society will make under this new aegis. Swing by their website, and tell them we sent you!

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