The Kerr Center offers both beginning and experienced ranchers information (how-to videos, slideshows, reports, training) on Oklahoma sustainable livestock production, including  beef cattle,  meat goats, and  poultry.  

The Kerr Ranch has been a working ranch since Sen. Robert S. Kerr established it in the 1950s, raising Angus stock.

The ranch has changed with the times, using the most up-to-date sustainable management approaches to improve profitability, maintain the fertility of the soil, and produce healthy animals.

Livestock News/Tips and Recent Publications

"Beginning Pastured Poultry" is a free online course from the Food Animal Concerns Trust. Work at your own pace.
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The deadline for signups to CLEAR30 is August 5, 2022. Signups are also open for the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program and CLEAR.
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NCAT and ATTRA have a couple of new resources, including a video, that help to explain just what regenerative grazing is.
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A new infographic summarizes the many benefits - financial, ecological, social - of integrating crops and livestock on the same acreage.
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Learn About: Cattle

Detailed overview of each aspect of the approach used to raising beef cattle on the Kerr Center Ranch

Learn About: Meat Goats

Information about forage-based meat goat production and our 5-year buck test

Learn About: Poultry

Information about heritage chicken breeds and how to build a “chicken tractor”  or movable chicken coop

Livestock Library

Extensive list of publications related to sustainable livestock management, indexed by topic



Will Lathrop
Cattle Manager