Meat Goats at the Kerr Center (2007 – 2012)

Each year from 2007-2012, the Kerr Center teamed up with the OSU Cooperative Extension Service to conduct the Oklahoma Forage-Based Buck Test (formerly the Oklahoma Meat Goat Forage Performance Test). The summer of 2012 was the sixth and final year for the test.

A series of free reports detail the results from each test year.

Another free report summarizes the findings of the first five years’ data from the buck test. It documents the changes made to test protocols over time to fine-tune the buck test as a tool for herd improvement. It also describes the relationships between the bucks’ performance and external factors such as weather and parasite loads.

The rationale behind the Oklahoma Forage-Based Buck Test was to identify individual bucks with favorable genetics for commercial meat goat production.

Eastern Oklahoma State College has continued to run the Oklahoma Forage-Based Buck Test.

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