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Watering Systems for Cattle Ponds

This University of Arkansas Extension publication describes two methods of using ponds for watering livestock while limiting direct access: floating fences, and drawing water from ponds.

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Alternative Livestock Watering Systems

This University of Tennessee Extension publication discusses the benefits of excluding livestock from streams, and the resultant need to develop alternative means of watering livestock.

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ogallala aquifer

The Ogallala Aquifer

This paper critically examines the impacts of the increasing use of the Ogallala aquifer, focusing on the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles.

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The Cattle and Chickens

This intern presentation presents the results of a summer project that investigated multi-species rotational grazing with cattle and pastured laying hens.

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Watering Systems

This is a presentation by Brian Freking from the livestock track of the Oklahoma Beginning Farmer & Rancher Program. It…
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New Use for Old Tires

This fact sheet explains why the Kerr Center livestock program uses old tires from heavy equipment as watering tanks, and describes the process of preparing and installing them.

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Heifer Management

This report covers heifer selection and nutrition, early puberty, target weight concept, proper feeding, breeding, calving difficulty, and bull selection.

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Electric Fence FAQ

This is a handout by Brian Freking from the 2011 Healthy Soils, Healthy Livestock conference.  It is a fact sheet…
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Herd Health Overview

This presentation includes a detailed discussion of vaccines, discusses managing both immunity levels and disease exposure, and addresses the effect of difficult births.

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Compensatory Gain

This is a report published in 2000, describing the results of a multi-year study at the Kerr Center that evaluated…
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Cattle Dentition

This is a handout by David Sparks, D.V.M., from the 2011 Healthy Soils, Healthy Livestock conference. It is a visual…
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Beef Cattle Assessment

This is a presentation by David Sparks, D.V.M., from the 2011 Healthy Soils, Healthy Livestock conference. It covers economic comparisons…
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