Organic Blueberry Production

organic blueberry production

The Kerr Center has worked with blueberries several times over the years, most recently in an ongoing variety trial, aimed at evaluating which varieties and production methods are best suited to southeastern Oklahoma.

Results from that trial are forthcoming, but in the meantime, ATTRA has updated its free guide to blueberry production, focusing specifically on organics, with retired Kerr Center horticulture program manager, George Kuepper, as an author.

The 20-page guide is comprehensive, covering basic blueberry biology, species selection, soils and fertility, and pest and disease management – all under the general topic of production. Further sections address marketing and economic issues. In addition, an extensive bibliography includes references and links to further resources.

Blueberries: Organic Production is available free in html and pdf format from the ATTRA website.

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