Organic Certification

The Kerr Center’s Cannon Horticulture Plots have been certified organic since 2011.  Organic certification was allowed to lapse in 2017, but organic management continues in order to permit easy re-certification in the future.  On this page, learn what is required for organic certification, and how to achieve and maintain it.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, & Forestry is an accredited organic certifier, and also maintains a list of certified organic producers and processors in the state.

Publications Related to Organic Certification

Southern Organic Resource Guide

The Southern Organic Resource Guide was designed to help certified and transitioning organic farmers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee minimize and manage risks associated with obtaining and maintaining organic certification.

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Are We Organic Yet?!

This presentation covers organic practices, prohibited substances, food safety, integrity, seeds & planting stock, marketing, steps to certification, and resources.

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