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Are We Organic Yet?!

This presentation covers organic practices, prohibited substances, food safety, integrity, seeds & planting stock, marketing, steps to certification, and resources.

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Farming with Walk-Behind Tractors

This report covers the Kerr Center’s decade of experience using walk-behind tractors in the Cannon Horticulture Project. It serves as both backgrounder and how-to manual.

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Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms outlines the basics of small-scale shiitake mushroom production. The report covers inoculation, harvesting, marketing, and more.

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small scale gardening technology

Small-Scale Gardening Technology at the Kerr Center

This report relates the Kerr Center’s experiences with small-scale farming and gardening tools during a decade of bio-extensive management on the Cannon Horticulture Plots. Tools evaluated include spades, digging forks, broadforks, hoes, and more.

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southern organic resource guide

Southern Organic Resource Guide

The Southern Organic Resource Guide was designed to help certified and transitioning organic farmers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee minimize and manage risks associated with obtaining and maintaining organic certification.

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