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Organic Establishment of Native Wildflowers

This presentation describes the Kerr Center’s experiences and lessons learned from efforts to establish wildflower plantings on the Kerr Ranch using organic methods.

Pollinator Plant Profile: Celestial Lily

This fact sheet contains information on planting and growing celestial lily (aka prairie iris), Nemastylis geminiflora.

Native Plants for Native Pollinators in Oklahoma

This beautiful full-color guidebook is overflowing with information on 38 Oklahoma native plants and the pollinators that visit them.

Pollinator Plant Propagation Guides

This is a list of books covering techniques for starting and establishing native plants.

Establishing Native Pollinator Habitat Organically: Tips from Our Experience at Kerr Center

This publication describes our project to establish native pollinator plants using organic techniques.

Trees and Shrubs of Value to Pollinators

This table lists a variety of trees and shrubs that grow in Oklahoma, including time of bloom, mature height, water requirements, commercial sources, and more.

General Pollinator Plant Landscaping Guides

This is a list of books that contain information on landscaping with plants, emphasizing native species, that provide pollinator habitat in Oklahoma.

Native Plant Identification Guides

This is a list of books that are useful for identifying native plants that provide pollinator habitat in Oklahoma.

Native Pollinator Books

These books cover identification, ecology, and management of native pollinator species relevant to Oklahoma.

Native Pollinator Web Resources

These websites offer background information on both Oklahoma native pollinators and the plants that form important parts of their habitat.


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