President’s Note: Book Review – 100 Plants to Feed the Monarch

100 Plants to Feed the Monarch. Xerces Society. 2021. Xerces Society. 288 p.

I have written before about the eastern monarch butterfly and how the population has dropped dramatically in recent years. Estimates indicate a drop of up to 84% since 1996 (Saunders et al., 2019).

One way to help the monarch is by planting native milkweed and other native flowering plants in the landscape. The question many have is what to plant. Most know milkweed is the host plant for the monarch caterpillar, but what flowers do adult monarchs need to feed on?

The Xerces Society has published a book to help individuals identify the appropriate plants for helping the monarch. It is titled 100 Plants to Feed the Monarch. It provides brief descriptions on milkweeds attractive to monarchs nationwide, and includes a list of flowering plants for adult monarchs to nectar on.

By adding plants highlighted in the book to your landscape, you benefit both the monarch butterfly and other native pollinators. I hope you will help the monarch by including some native plants in your landscape.

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