President’s Note: Book Review – Common Bees of Eastern North America

common bees north america

Common Bees of Eastern North America. Messinger Carril, Olivia, and Joseph S. Wilson. 2021. Princeton University Press. 288 p.

I have worked with native plants and native pollinators here at the Kerr Center, promoting the importance of both in sustainable agriculture. Princeton University Press has released a new field guide, entitled Common Bees of Eastern North America. It covers 125 of the most commonly seen species, with photos and a key for identification, along with a range map.

While it is a good field guide, based on the subject covered, I wonder how well the binding would hold up if used in the field. I wish the book covered when each species was most active during the year and what its pollination plant preferences are.

The authors of this book also authored the book The Bees in Your Backyard, which covers diet and pollination services. You will need to look up when the flowers are blooming to determine when the bees are active.

Overall, Common Bees of Eastern North America is a good addition to the literature on pollinators.

beespresident's note

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