President’s Note: COVID-19 and a Wet Spring

covid-19 wet spring

Due to the economic shutdown, the Kerr Center closed our offices during April and canceled spring and early summer workshops planned for 2020. We hope to be able to start educational programming again in mid- to late summer and the fall.

We have been able to maintain ranch activities with livestock and at the horticulture farm. One of the additional challenges has been the amount of late winter and early spring rainfall we have received.

At our horticulture farm the elderberry trial is ongoing, but no plot work has been conducted to date due to the wet fields. We have several projects involving hydroponics and hope to have some information later in the year.

Rest assured, we will take everyone’s safety into consideration as we plan for future activities. So stay safe and keep watching the website for information on upcoming events, as hopefully activities can return to some level of normalcy as the season progresses.

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