President’s Note: Farming with Soil Life

farming with soil life

The national SARE program, in conjunction with the Xerces Society, has released a new book titled Farming with Soil Life: A Handbook for Supporting Soil Invertebrates and Soil Health On Farms.

The book is short for the subject matter, at only 127 pages, but a large portion is devoted to a photo guide for micro, meso, and macro soil fauna. While you won’t ID specific species, you will better understand what is found in the soil.

For each group identified, there is a description of the species and how it impacts soil health. The beginning chapters describe practices for improving and maintaining soil health in terms of how it affects soil invertebrates.

This is a very good book, and if you are interested in the subject of soil invertebrates and soil health, it would be a nice addition to your library. It is available as a pdf for free, or as a hard copy for $28.

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