President’s Note: Mowing for Pollinators

mowing for pollinators

Over the last several years, when mowing my lawn in the spring, I have left areas of wildflowers alone, so that the blooms are available for pollinators. Two I have managed for are Carolina anemone and common yarrow. Both stands have grown in size over the years.

This year I left more areas unmowed to allow spring beauty and blueeyed grass to bloom freely. For better or worse, I have large amounts of henbit, a non-native, in my lawn, since I don’t spray it. Bees still use it, but not as much as the others mentioned.

I know people wonder what I am doing, leaving some areas tall and weedy-looking, but it works. After the flowers have stopped blooming and the foliage has started to die back, I mow the areas with wildflowers, and then my lawn looks like everyone else’s! It’s an easy way to help pollinators, and I didn’t need to plant any seeds.


carolina anemone
Carolina anemone (Anemone caroliniana)


Common yarrow
Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
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