Field Notes April 2023

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Field Notes – April 2023

Field Notes – April 2023

Happy Earth Day! We’re getting out of that time of year when it’s hard to know what the weather will do from day to day – as David Redhage describes in this month’s president’s note – and into consistently warmer weather.

Get out and enjoy that warmth with our free grazing workshop on May 13!

With the weather warming, it feels like drought can’t be far behind. Forty years of data show that organic management helps maintain yields during dry spells.

Speaking of water, Stewardship Week starts at the end of the month, and this year the event is focused on the wet, life-giving stuff, with the theme, One Water.

The warming weather also means that dragonflies will soon be buzzing lakes and ponds. Catch a recent Outdoor Oklahoma video segment on these fascinating insects, filmed in part on the Kerr Ranch.

Field Notes – April 2023 (PDF, 600 KB)