Field Notes February 2018

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Field Notes – February 2018

Field Notes February 2018

As we move toward the start of spring, David Redhage offers some insights into agroforestry enterprises based on years of experience on the Kerr ranch.

For anyone who’s ever puzzled over how to figure out where to put temporary fences for a managed grazing system, we share some pointers that should help clear things up.

As planting time draws nearer, we revisit reports on our work with various heirloom variety demonstrations to help you get gardening outside the box. If flour corn, three sisters planting, or organic no-till sound interesting, read on!

If the president’s note piques your curiosity about agroforestry, a couple of articles can help you learn more – including the fine details of some of the Kerr Center’s plantings.

Field Notes – February 2018 (PDF, 900 KB)