Field Notes February 2021

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Field Notes – February 2021

Field Notes February 2021

The Red Queen in Wonderland sometimes believed half a dozen impossible things before breakfast. We’re not quite that accomplished yet, but we can squeeze three hard-to-believe things into one month’s newsletter:

  • Less than a week after most of the state was covered in ice and snow (and waiting for the power to come back on), it’s already time to get seeds into pots to start this spring’s garden transplants.
  • Even in the midst of a polar plunge, it pays to be prepared for wildfires.
  • Speaking of paying, Uncle Sam will pay you for practices that may help increase your farm or ranch’s wildfire resilience – along with many other conservation practices that you may already be using.

(And speaking of Uncle Sam, the Kerr Center is teaming up with researchers from the University of Missouri on a USDA grant to get a better handle on the obstacles to adopting organic farming practices in the region. David Redhage shares the details.)

Hard as these things may all seem to believe, they’re all true – and this issue of Field Notes has the information you need to learn more about them.

Field Notes – February 2021 (PDF, 600 KB)